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Our Portfolio

De-Carceration Fund invests in and supports innovative enterprises working to alleviate the suffering that can be caused by the U.S. criminal justice system. 


ConConnect is a LinkedIn-like social media site that helps ex-prisoners reenter society successfully.

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TurnSignl is an app that provides 24/7 access to lawyers during traffic stops and after car accidents It is designed to help drivers feel safe and empowered, with a particular focus on marginalized communities including non-white and LGBTQ individuals.


Vetmab is a cutting-edge pet biotech company that brings life-improving therapies to pet family members.

Bio Usawa manufactures affordable monoclonal antibodies in Africa for patients in Africa and in other low-income countries, focusing on cancer drugs.

Roadio is an AI-driven bike safety system designed to keep you and your family safe.

Aerolane is a revolutionary aerial technology that has the potential to reshape aircraft transportation as we know it.

Concha Labs is developing a technology to give customers the power to personalize their hearing profile at home.

AdoraPet seeks to foster closer human-animal bond with genetically improved pets that are healthier, non-allergenic, and live longer.

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Luum is a robotics eyelash extension company, at the intersection of robotics and art. Its devices can perform eyelash extensions faster, more precisely, and more safely than can be done with manual extensions. ​

Encellin is focused on advancing next generation therapies, starting with endocrine disorders.

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